Goal 4:
Strengthen Workforce (Both Employees and Graduates)

TCU plays a meaningful role both for our campus community and for society as a whole – preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

For our own workforce, we plan to:

  • Recruit and retain the highest quality faculty and staff through competitive compensation and benefits packages, professional development and recognition programs
  • Implement effective succession planning to ensure that we develop a workforce to strategically lead TCU into the future

For our students, we will:

  • Offer programs and courses that encourage career awareness and readiness
  • Leverage opportunities with employers for internships and full-time careers after graduation

Committee for Goal 4: Strengthen Workforce (Both Employees and Graduates)

Ms. Rachelle Blackwell (Co-Chair)
Dr. Greg Stephens (Co-Chair)
Vice Chancellor Yohna Chambers (Liaison)
Ms. Aisha Torrey-Sawyer (Liasion)

Dr. Jennifer Allie
Katie Beaulieu
Gretchen Bouton
Thomas Brown
Kaity Butcher
Beth Cardwell
Carley Charbonneau
Dr. Dennis Cheek
Jason Cline
Cheryl Cobb
Dr. Eric Cox
Brandon Curry
Keri Cyr
Clayton Dana-Bashion
Dr. Glenda Daniels
Susan Douglas Roberts
Heath Einstein
Holly Ellman
Dean Homer Erekson
Harmonie Farrow
Dr. Amber Finn
Tony Fleming
Dr. Amiso George
Lewis Glaser
Joanne Green
Landon Hendrickson
Dr. Charlotte Hogg
Rachel Hopper
LaTanya Johns

Linda LaCoste
James Lincoln
Karen Lindsey
Marie Martinez
Pat Miller
Kent Mire
Tamie Morgan
Megan Murphey
Trung Nguyen
Amanda Nickerson
Dean Mary Martin Patton
Lenelda Pennington
Dr. James Petrovich
Dr. Katherine Polzer
Peyton Purcell
Kristen Queen
Evan Rodriguez
Broc Sears
Camille Sholars
Susan Sledge
Sara Sorenson
Megan Soyer
Nancy Styles
Dr. Cornell Thomas
Jason Titus
Deidra Turner
Dr. Cindy Williams

Conversation Guide

The following questions can be used as a guide to help you engage and have deeper conversations with your colleagues during the campuswide open forums.

Focus on recruitment and retention:

  1. How does the TCU workforce demonstrate engagement?
  2. Are we adequately addressing the generational considerations of our workforce? Our workforce includes six generations: ages 18 – 80.
  3. Is the university prepared to address the recruitment of new faculty and staff ensuring our practices are inclusive?
  4. Are we doing all that we can to address the well-being of our employees?
  5. Can employees define the TCU brand or culture? What makes TCU a Great Place to Work For?
  6. Do we do enough to orient our employees into the TCU culture?

Focus on career services:

  1. What are current placement rates? How do they compare to national rates, peer institutions? Where do we want to be?
  2. Are students prepared to enter the workforce with insight on diversity and global perspectives?
  3. Are students prepared for the workforce?
  4. What do recruiters think of TCU students?

Leverage opportunities for TCU students and graduates:

  1. How can we leverage opportunities for TCU students and graduates?
  2. What industries are targeting TCU for recruitment?

Succession Planning:

  1. We are entering into a period where more than 18% of our workforce meets retirement eligibility (Rule of 75). For faculty, the percentage is even higher, 21%.
    • Is the university preparing the next generation of employees to transition into leadership or higher level positions? If so, how?
    • Are we strategically assessing our critical functions when the department experiences a vacancy? Do we even know what that means?
  2. How can TCU engage our retirees in even more meaningful ways?

How does this goal interface with the other goals?

Attend the Open Forum on Oct. 30 at 2 p.m. in the BLUU Auditorium.

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