Goal 2:
Strengthen Endowment

As our academic reputation rises, it is critical that we also make the TCU experience as accessible as reasonably possible. By strengthening our endowment, we will lessen the pressure and unsustainability of continual tuition increases. We will also significantly increase our financial strength and competitive advantage.

By strengthening TCU’s endowment, we ensure that resources will be available to:

  • Recruit the strongest students, regardless of their financial situation, thanks to a variety of scholarship options
  • Accelerate improvements in teaching and research, as well as creative and entrepreneurial activities
  • Attract pre-eminent teacher-scholars and rising stars through endowed chairs and professorships

Committee for Goal 2: Strengthen Endowment

Dr. Jesús Castro-Balbi (Co-Chair)
Mr. David Nolan (Co-Chair)
CIO Jim Hille (Liaison)
Vice Chancellor Don Whelan (Liaison)

Victoria Barth
Rachel Capua
Aaron Chimbel
Jacob Choulet
Carrie Conditt
Gerry Cumpiano
Dr. Lyn Dart
Elizabeth Deegan
Greg Donohue
Dr. Kirk Downey
Dr. Jason Dunn
Dr. Dawn Elliott
Kathy Ellis
Dr. Jeannine Gailey
Will Gibbons
Josh Harmon
Sofia Huggins
Margaret Kelly
Dr. Susan Kleiser
Dr. June Koelker
Janine Kraus
Kendall Krawl
Kendra Larach

Dr. Ted Legatski
Dr. Endia J. Lindo
Norma Martin
Dr. Bill Meier
Matt Millns
Dr. Bill Moncrief
Isabella Nucci
Dr. Jonathan Oliver
Caroline Pulliam
Dr. Ken Richardson
Jason Safran
Dr. Paul Schrodt
Mike Scott
Ben Sensenich
John Singleton
Travis Soyer
Christian Tjoa
Hudson Trent
Dr. TJ Walsh
Dr. Ginger (Virginia) Watson
Dr. Chris Watts
Dr. Molly Weinburgh
Ma’lisa Yost

Conversation Guide

The following questions can be used as a guide to help you engage and have deeper conversations with your colleagues during the campuswide open forums.

  1. Why is significantly increasing the endowment critical to TCU’s future?
  2. Does strengthening the endowment help TCU achieve its other strategic goals?
  3. How do we ensure that everyone on campus is fluent in making the case for endowment that supports scholarships, faculty, academic programs and operations?
  4. How do we convey to every person on campus that each of us can help TCU achieve this goal, regardless of where we sit in the organization?
  5. How do we best position TCU for success in achieving this goal?

How does this goal interface with the other goals?


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2. Strengthen Endowment

By strengthening our endowment, we will lessen the pressure and unsustainability of continual tuition increases. We will also significantly increase our financial strength and competitive advantage.

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