Goal 1:
Strengthen Academic Profile & Reputation

Goal 1: Strengthen Academic Profile & Reputation

This goal may be our largest and most far-reaching. It has remained a priority throughout TCU’s history, and in recent years has seen fruition, reflected by unprecedented application volume, strong freshman-class academic credentials, and increases in both graduation and retention rates.

To maintain this momentum, we will continue to pursue the brightest students and will increase undergraduate enrollment by roughly 600 students for a total student body of 11,000 in coming years. Also, guided by thoughtful planning, we will focus on areas of strength, including:

  • The TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine
  • Areas of study with expansion opportunities
  • Strengthened undergraduate and graduate profiles
  • Size, balance and diversity
  • Our ability to compete and excel in a power athletic conference

Committee for Goal 1: Academic Profile and Reputation

Dr. Leo Munson (Co-Chair)
Dean Diane Snow (Co-Chair)
Vice Chancellor Kathy Cavins-Tull (Liaison)
Provost Nowell Donovan (Liaison)
Mr. Brian Gutierrez (Liaison)

Alison Armstrong
Dr. Chris Aspaas
Adam Baggs
Dr. Kathy Baker
Dr. Michelle Bauml
Judy Bernas
Mica Bibb
Whitnee Boyd
Dr. Matt Chumchal
Michelle Clark
Brian Clinnin
Dr. Jeff Coffer
Dr. Catherine Coleman
Catie Cruikshank
Mike Edwards
Heath Einstein
Dr. Richard Enos
Dean Stuart Flynn
Mary Grekstas
Jon Gulbransen
Dr. Stan Hagadone
Rachel Harris
Dr. Kylo-Patrick Hart
Dean Phil Hartman
Dr. Rhonda Hatcher
Dean Anne Helmreich
Angelica Hernandez

Dr. Blake Hestir
Terence Hood
Dr. Fran Huckaby
Whitney James
Dr. Sohyun Lee
Dr. Suzy Lockwood
Bryan Lucas
Dr. Emily Lund
Dr. Joel Mitchell
Will Mitchell
Mike Mooneyham
Lynn Muller
Jennifer Pearson
Dr. Ray Pfeiffer
Dr. Santiago Pinon
Liz Rainwater
Lexie Rapisarda
Dr. Dru Riddle
Dr. Mags Rittby
Ebony Rose
Dr. Claire Sanders
Brennan Steed
Dr. Karen Steele
Dr . Travis Tokar
Dr. Sarah Vartabedian
Vice Provost Susan Weeks
Laine Zizka

Key Issues

School of Medicine:

  1. How can we leverage the initiation of the Medical School to the advantage of the whole university community? 

Continue to emphasize areas of strength:

  1. What specific areas of creative activity should we focus on to improve both profile and reputation?
  2. What steps should each College/School take to enhance their profile and reputation?
  3. What are the emerging fields of knowledge that might impact us?

Continue to strengthen undergraduate and graduate profiles and continue to focus on size, balance, diversity; 9,500 undergraduates and 1,500 graduates:

  1. Given our ratio of undergraduates to graduates (6.33 : 1), what strategies will effectively improve our (1) academic profile, (2) academic reputation?
  2. Suggest strategies to improve the appeal of the University to top high school students. Scholarships are clearly one answer – but what else might be distinctive?
  3. How do we create a campus that has an appeal to an even more diverse student and faculty body?

How does this goal interface with the other goals?


1. Strengthen Academic Profile and Reputation

To maintain our momentum, we will continue to pursue the brightest students and will increase undergraduate enrollment by roughly 600 students for a total student body of 11,000 in coming years.

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2. Strengthen Endowment

By strengthening our endowment, we will lessen the pressure and unsustainability of continual tuition increases. We will also significantly increase our financial strength and competitive advantage.

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3. Strengthen TCU Experience and Campus Culture

TCU’s culture – that sense of spirited belonging – is one of our greatest strengths, equally as important as the academic experience.

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4. Strengthen Workforce (Both Employees and Graduates)

To be the best, we must nurture the strongest faculty and staff who will then prepare our graduates to use their University degrees and experiences to make positive and lasting contributions to society.

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