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We remain undeterred in our mission to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

It’s time to Lead On.

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Vision for TCU’s Future

Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.Here at Texas Christian University, we share the responsibility – and the honor – to shape and transform the leaders who, tomorrow, will shape and transform our world. This responsibility has driven extraordinary development on our campus in recent years. In fact, the TCU of today is significantly different from the TCU of 2003 when we began a transformational journey called Vision in Action that has propelled TCU toward greater distinction.

We have achieved much together over the past few years. And there is more to come. But we must be purposeful – as we move into the third phase of Vision in Action, we are now charged with sustaining the momentum we have created. By doing so, we will bolster TCU and its ability to be a force for the greater good.

TCU invites you to be part of this vital strategic planning process.

The world needs leadership from good, smart people who are driven to make a difference, and who are unwilling to compromise their principles in the process. Leaders who are open to broader perspectives. Leaders who have the capacity and conscience to work for the greater good.

Today, I ask you to be that kind of leader. Participate. Have a voice. Explore and discuss the tactical ways in which we can achieve our goals outlined here. Together, we will shape TCU for the next three to five years and influence its direction for generations to come.

Read on and Lead On!

Victor J. Boschini, Jr.
Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

A World-Class Values-Centered University

1. Strengthen Academic Profile and Reputation

To maintain our momentum, we will continue to pursue the brightest students and will increase undergraduate enrollment by roughly 600 students for a total student body of 11,000 in coming years.

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2. Strengthen Endowment

By strengthening our endowment, we will lessen the pressure and unsustainability of continual tuition increases. We will also significantly increase our financial strength and competitive advantage.

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3. Strengthen TCU Experience and Campus Culture

TCU’s culture – that sense of spirited belonging – is one of our greatest strengths, equally as important as the academic experience.

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4. Strengthen Workforce (Both Employees and Graduates)

To be the best, we must nurture the strongest faculty and staff who will then prepare our graduates to use their University degrees and experiences to make positive and lasting contributions to society.

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